Let us to introduce Master John Hus in a nutshell that respects the various confessional opinions as well as the modern history, without unilateral appoaches to Hussite confession in the past. Heretic or reformator, heretic or a martyr. These Huss attributes we want to define with our own way, based on new knowledge of latests professional researches. We hope that the questions about Master John Hus will not stop to arouse your interest.

The entire areal of three townhouses, existing barn and newly designed operating building serves mainly for educational and cultural purposes (expositions, exhibitions, concerts, courses, workshops and so more). The opening of Master John Hus Memorial, which includes the original birthplace of Master John Hus (with the room, where he was born) was inagurated on May 30, 2015. Many new expositions are prepared, visitors and turists can get introduced into the dept with the life and work of Master John Hus, using the modern multimedial exposition.

The project of renovation connected three neighbouring houses, on the garden the amphitheater was set in and even hit the underground. Inside is new exposition and library prepared. „It is neccesary to strenghten the importance of Master John Hus birthplace,“ confirmed the patriarch of Czechoslovak Hussite Church, Tomas Butta.